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You won't find exact measurements here since I honestly never measure anything (unless I'm baking or making a special type of dressing or sauce), but when it comes to raw, whole, healthy foods, you shouldn't really have to.

The great thing about Wellness Bowls is that they can be made up of anything you have at home. This bowl features a bed of mixed lettuce topped with carrots; cucumber; tomatoes and beets (both from my home garden); chickpeas; and a mix of shelled hemp seeds, unhulled sesame and sprouted buckwheat. Finished off with a drizzle of tahini garlic dressing. Try it out yourself and see what you create!

Start by filling a medium bowl about 3/4 (or at least half way) with any kind of greens (romaine, green or red leaf lettuce, kale, spinach). Next, add your favourite veggies, a legume or whole grain (quinoa is a great option), and a lean source of protein (if you eat meat). You can add a healthy fat as well, such as 1/4 of an avocado. Homemade dressings are always best. My personal favourite is straight up extra-virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar.