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Is Blogging A Necessary Part Of Your Biz?

I recently took a blogging bootcamp because while a blog is totally not something you HAVE TO have as an online entrepreneur #perksofbeingtheboss, I recognize the many benefits that come from maintaining one. So, if you’ve been neglecting your blog or debating whether to start one, here are some reasons why you may want to get on it:

  • You don’t own your social media profile. As entrepreneurs, it can be easy to fall into the trap of relying on social media to market our goods and get ourselves noticed. But the truth is, you don’t own or have control of your social media profile. So while you may have a large following of people who love what you offer, one algorithm update, or even a new social media platform that supersedes your main platform, can potentially wipe out that rock star status you’ve built for yourself.

    Having your own blog though – THAT is something you DO have ownership and control over. You make the decisions on how you communicate and interact with your audience, how you grow your following, and how you market your goods. So while social media is awesome in terms of getting ‘likes’, it’s not where the real money-making action happens.

  • It’s like your own library of info. All that thoughtful content you put out through social media, odds are the majority of your audience doesn’t even see it unless they are online at that moment or that day. And even if you send it off to your newsletter list, what about all the new people who find you in the future – do they just miss out?

    Your blog is a place your audience can fall in love with your personality and brand. They can easily and conveniently search for keywords and find the exact information they are looking for. All your posts are organized, colourful, and tend to be easier to read on your website than on social media – not to mention there are way less distractions if your audience is viewing your content on your website, rather than on Facebook or Instagram where notifications can run rampant.

  • Increases search engine traffic. This one’s pretty simple – the more content you add to your website (i.e. blog posts), the more these pages from your website become indexed in search engines. Virtually all the traffic to my website is thanks to my blog posts containing the keywords my ideal clients are searching in their Google bar. I’ve never had the need to hire a SEO expert – my blog does it all for me.

  • Showcases your expertise. A blog can actually act like a resume – it helps you build authority in your niche. An active blog helps show your audience that your business is ALIVE and helps set you apart from your competitors who don’t blog or aren’t as forthcoming with relevant + transformational information. Your audience is able to see the effort and dedication you put into your business and your work, helping to build up that crucial know-like-trust factor.

And know this - just because you have a blog, doesn’t mean you have to blog every day, give away all your secrets, or ditch social media. It doesn’t even need to take up much time or be done a certain way (maybe you prefer to vlog instead, or do both).

All I’m sayin’ is that it doesn’t hurt to “library” all that awesome info you put out to your peeps via social media onto your website. Who knows – it may even help you live out your dreams sooner than you thought possible. That alone, is totally worth it in my books.

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