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Is Your Suitcase About To Explode?

Are you travelling with a full suitcase? Crammed to the max so that nothing from your new travels can be accepted into your suitcase until another item is taken out?

You have all this STUFF in your life and you think “I’ll just cram one more thing in here”…until your suitcase eventually explodes and all this stuff of yours scatters across the room.

The old must be released so that the new can enter.

One thing I love about entrepreneurs is that we’re always looking to achieve higher learning. The problem with this is that we seek out new knowledge and information before our brains are able to effectively absorb it. Think of your brain as the suitcase I mentioned above – filled with all this STUFF (the 'stuff' being the outstanding items in your life). 

  • Is your closet a disaster zone and you’ve been meaning to donate all your old clothes?

  • Do you still have moving boxes you have yet to unpack?

  • Are you long due to call your family back home?

  • Do you have 500+ unopened emails to clear from your inbox?

  • Are you due to schedule a dentist/doctor appointment?

What have you been meaning to do that is weighing on your mind and you keep telling yourself “Oh yeah, totally forgot. I’ll get to that at some point.”?

Your brain is full. If you want to move on in both your life and business with ease and grace, release the OLD to make room for the NEW. This way of thinking deeply ties in with our mindset and achieving our desires.

For example, if you’ve been craving a new wardrobe, don’t wait to get the new clothes before you toss out the old ones. Donate the old clothes to make room in your closet for the new ones. Release the old before you acquire the new.

This is where true transformation begins. Open yourself up to receive it.

-V, xox