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Why Naming Your Tribe Is Important

Dream Chaser - that name has resonated with me since I was a girl. And while some mock it labelling a 'dream chaser' as always chasing something and never catching + holding onto it, I completely disagree.

To me, a true Dream Chaser is someone who is brave enough to dream big and determined enough to make their dreams a reality.

Someone like me, someone like you.

And that's why I decided to grow a tribe of Dream Chasers. You see, it's a whole lot easier to connect and develop relationships with your following when you undoubtedly have something in common - something that maybe others don't quite understand. By congratulating each member of my tribe and welcoming them into my community as a fellow Dream Chaser - well, we remain connected and a commonality is established. That member all of a sudden feels welcomed, safe and understood.

Naming your tribe can be a great way to build your know-like-trust factor with your audience. It helps your brand to stand out as word of your community spreads. Your audience feels like they are part of a movement, possibly even a revolution. Naming your tribe allows you to speak to many while impacting each person individually.

How do you come up with a name for your tribe?

  1. Your tribe's name should be relateable to the work you do and the clients you aim to attract.

    For instance, the previous name of a my nutrition coaching practice was It's Raining Kale, where I would refer to my audience as 'Kale Lovers'. I now refer to my nutrition audience as 'Radiant Herbivores' because I specialize in vegan health.

  2. Your tribe's name should also be short. I imagine it would get a bit awkward and tiresome to keep repeating a long name for both you and your audience.

    Don't take this the wrong way, but when I decided on a name for my dog, I knew it needed to be short 1) to grab her attention and 2) because I knew I would be saying it a lot (especially during the puppy stage - OMG, the damage she caused to my home!). So I settled on Lulu - short and relatable (she's a Greyhound and apparently 'lulu' means 'rabbit' - and we all know how much Greyhounds love rabbits).

    If you do settle on a longer name, I would recommend coming up with a short variation for it. I'm sure you've heard of the Screw the Nine to Five Community - their hosts nicknamed their audience members 'Scroupies' for short.

  3. Finally, your tribe's name should be something you are proud to call YOURSELF. If it doesn't resonate with you, your values and goals, it probably won't resonate with your audience either. For it to be genuine, it needs to be a part of who you are too.

Naming your tribe shouldn't be a stressful endeavour. If you find yourself stuck, grab a blank piece of paper and jot down every single name you can think of, even if you don't really like it. Once you have at least 10 different names written down, pick the top 3 you like, or think have potential, and set out to ask your audience to vote for their favourite.

Do you have a name for your tribe?
Share it with us in the comments below!