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Formula For Creating High-End Programs

When I first started out as a Holistic Nutritionist, I just went with what everyone else was offering for programs: initial consult, single follow-up sessions, etc. I learned early on that offering services of this kind wasn't effective in the long term for both my business and my clients' success.

So, I jumbled them all together and sold those single sessions as a package. But that didn't make it a high-end program. I was guessing what my audience wanted and there was no real 'wow factor' attributed to it.

After training with high-end coaches, learning and experimenting in both my nutrition practice and success coaching business, I finally unlocked a formula that would guarantee me a high-end program worth the price tag - a program my ideal clients would NEED, WANT, PAY FOR and BENEFIT from. This formula produced the same results, regardless of whether I was offering 1:1 sessions, a group program, or self-study course.

ideal client + pain point + strengths + structure + wow factor = high end program

Let's break it down:

  1. Ideal Client.  In order to produce a high-end program that attracts your ideal client, you obviously need to know everything you can about WHO your ideal client is.

    Where are they currently at in their journey when they meet you? Where do they desire to be at the end of it? What kind of experience are they looking for? What's stopped them from investing in programs before now? What have they tried in the past and why didn't it work out? What kind of coach are they looking for? What are their fears? What are their greatest desires? What secrets do they have? All of this information will greatly help you tailor a program just for them.

    How do you find all this info out? By speaking 1:1 with them of course! If you've already spoken with your ideal clients in the past, or have done enough coaching to have a great sense of who your ideal client is, a survey would also be appropriate. If this is something you struggle with, I walk you through each and every step of getting to know your ideal client in my Ideal Client course.
  2. Pain Point (aka I got 99 problems, and the biggest one is _______).  It's not enough to simply know the basics of your ideal client. If they are going to invest money in YOU and your services, it will be because they actually need your program (i.e. your program provides a solution to their biggest problem).

    The trick here is to not get caught up in all the smaller problems they have, we're looking for the BIG ONE - the one that creates the most displeasure in your ideal client's life.

    For example, your ideal client may be tired most days, low vibe and have insane cravings for sugar, but her biggest problem (in HER eyes, that's the key here) is that her weight defines her and holds her back from applying for that job she really wants - the one she believes could be a financial and freedom game-changer for her. That's the problem your program needs to focus on. Of course all those smaller problems will be resolved along the way, but she needs to know that her biggest problem will be taken care of.

    How do you figure out your ideal client's biggest problem? By speaking with her 1:1! What I love to do is record these sessions (with permission) so that I can go back and take their exact words to use in my sales copy - getting your copy directly from the source is GOLD and can greatly help improve your program's 'wow factor'. If you need help in this department, I encourage you to take advantage of my Ideal Client course to ensure you get the crucial information you need from these calls.
  3. Strengths.  These are YOUR strengths I'm talking about. Now that you know exactly who your ideal client is, what they specifically want and how they want it, it's time to reflect on how you can best help them. It's important that you only teach what you truly know, and that you utilize your strengths. That means if you're not a fitness expert, don't portray yourself to be. If you're a success/business coach of sorts and webinars aren't your forte, don't even touch upon the subject.

    Where do you excel in your knowledge and skills? Don't worry if it's a different route than most of your competitors take - if it will work and both parties will be happy, do it. Let that be your focus. In nutrition, my forte is digestion; in my success coaching practice, it's building a solid business foundation.
  4. Structure.  Now that you know who your ideal client is, what they want, how they want it, and how you can best help them, it's time to structure a program specifically tailored to their needs and desires, and to your strengths.

    If you have yet to make your first $5K, I often recommend you focus on 1:1 coaching first because it's the best way to build up your confidence, your coaching abilities, and gain word of mouth reputation. It also offers great insight to see what works best for your clients, where they are gaining the most benefit, and what areas need improvement.

    If you've made your first $5K or have between 80 - 100 hours of coaching completed, odds are you have a pretty good sense of what works and what doesn't when it comes to your clients' success. The next step would be to take this information, knowledge and experience, and create a group program, paid mastermind, self-study course, or other digital product. Then again, if your strengths lie with 1:1 coaching, and it's something you know your ideal clients prefer, it's probably best to stick with it a bit longer. Use your best judgment and what feels most in alignment with your goals.

    If you desire help with the structure of your program, including program outline, timeline, name, pricing, bonus offers, as well as crafting your sales page, you'll love my Irresistible Offerings course!
  5. Wow Factor.  1:1 sessions on their own are pretty dull and boring. Think of ways to spice up your program. It could be anything from the bonuses you offer, to the guest experts you invite, to the investment price/options, to the extra support received between sessions - anything you know your ideal client would value, appreciate, and invest in. Paying attention to your program's wow factor will help ensure an already great offer becomes irresistible, and provides for accelerated transformation.

Once you put all 5 components together, you end up with a high-end program that you already know your audience desires AND will invest in. Measure it up to your current offerings and see where improvements can be made to ensure you're always offering up exactly what your ideal clients don't just want from you, but will invest in too.

So many entrepreneurs skip the crucial steps in this formula, or take shortcuts when it comes to interacting with and learning about their audience. If you're looking for mind blowing results, don't shortcut. Do the work, do it right, do it with purpose, and you'll be amazed at what you accomplish.