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Single Sessions? Packages? Or Both?!

Q: Is it better to sell single sessions, packages, or both?

Ah, one of the more popular questions among beginner entrepreneurs. While it may be easier on your client’s wallet to purchase single sessions, it’s actually in the best interests of BOTH parties to commit to a package deal.

In my experience as both a Holistic Nutritionist and Success Coach, I highly recommend that you focus on selling PACKAGES over single sessions.

Here’s why:

  1. As coaches, our services are transformational experiences. While you can most definitely create shifts and new insights in 1 or 2 sessions, as well as offer some tools to your clients, you can’t really change someone’s DEEP issues or struggles in just 1 or 2 hours. True change takes a real investment and commitment over a period of time, whether it’s in health, business, love – it’s all the same.

    The longer you work with someone, the more able you are to notice patterns or themes that continue to pop up in your client’s behaviour and lifestyle.

    The longer you work with someone, the longer they are held accountable for their actions (or lack thereof).

    The longer you work with someone, the more confident + prepared your client will become in her ability to continue this journey without you (that’s a good thing!).
  2. Packages offer convenience in the sense of having sessions laid out in a specific timeline.

    For example, you may offer a 3 month package with 12 weekly sessions. Both you and your client know right from the beginning of the program that you will meet on a weekly basis. The client doesn’t need to inquire when she should book with you again, and you eliminate the need to keep following up with her to schedule a new appointment.

    When both parties are on the same page right from the get-go, resources are saved and the customer experience remains positive.

  3. Single sessions can create burnout because more work is required on your end.

    For example, if your monthly income goal is $3,000-$5,000, that could easily mean you only need 1-2 new clients per month, depending on the price of your program.

    If you sell single sessions though, you could be looking between 12 – 20 sessions needing to be sold and way more than 1-2 new clients! That’s more time and energy required for marketing + promotion, following up with past clients for future sessions, and forming new relationships.

    If you’ve been offering single sessions to make your services more affordable to your audience, I would recommend you offer an investment plan on a program instead. A $2,000 program becomes a lot more affordable if broken up into 4 payments of $500.

    Working with less clients while maintaining a steady income stream can greatly help to reduce stress, provide your current clients with amazing high-vibe experiences (because you’ll be well taken care of yourself), and offers you more time freedom to get out there and LIVE.

When single sessions may prove beneficial to both parties:

  1. Intensives. While 1-2 hours may not be enough for major transformation, a full day or half day intensive could prove greatly beneficial to a client who is eager to get results NOW and is not interested in waiting 3 months.

    A full day intensive could include 7-8 hours of in-depth training and coaching (with breaks in between) and could be done in person or via Skype.

    Intensives are not for everyone though and I would recommend they be saved for those potential clients who have 1-3 specific struggles that can be effectively solved in this time-frame.

    For instance, as a business coach, your client may desire to have her program outline created, opt-in completed, and sales funnels set up and ready to go. As a health coach, your client may desire to get to the root cause of her emotional eating, or wish to have a program in place for her pregnancy.

    These specific struggles or concerns can effectively be addressed in the length of an intensive. Alternatively, a returning client may have a follow-up concern and require an extra 2 hour time slot with you.
  2. Returning Clients. Once a client has run through the course of working with me in one of my programs, I offer them the option of booking single sessions on an as needed basis moving forward. This is not something I spend time or money advertising – all the information is in the welcome packet they receive from me at the start of the program. Single sessions are only offered to my returning clients.

    As certain things will come up from time to time as a business expands and grows, a single session will likely be enough time to address an issue of someone who has already built a strong foundation and isn’t starting from square one.

As you can see, the thought process isn’t that packages are better because they equal more money – it’s actually because more value is provided in a package as opposed to a single session, and the opportunity for transformational results is greatly increased.

If you’re ready to ditch the single sessions for value-packed programs that deliver results, I invite you to check out my Irresistible Offerings self-study course to help you develop programs your target market is eager and willing to purchase, and craft sales pages that captivate your audience + have them saying “A thousand times YES!”.