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Master The Art Of Asking

How comfortable do you feel asking your audience for something? Do you casually spew out an invite to book a discovery call and then back out of asking for the sale? Do you cringe at asking your following to answer yet another survey? To sign up for your newsletter list? To open up and read another email from you? 

I was watching a TED Talk by Amanda Palmer that really resonated with me and I think will with you too. I encourage you to watch it if you answered "yes" to any of the above questions (it's less than 14 minutes long).

Asking is an art - something we normally need practice with before we feel completely confident in ourselves and abilities to get the responses we desire. We don't want to come off as desperate: "Please sign up for my newsletter list, PRETTY PLEASE!" by sending numerous invites and postings on social media. We don't want to come off as sleazy or salesy by asking people to purchase our products and services. We don't want to have to face rejection or judgment, or heaven forbid someone unsubscribing from our email list.

But what most new entrepreneurs fail to realize, and as Amanda beautifully explains in her talk, a fair connection and exchange occurs when you ask. Before her band got big, Amanda used to pose as a living statue on the street. She would hold a flower, someone would walk up to her, she would gaze into their eyes with an unspoken 'thank-you, I see you' and her audience would gaze back with an unspoken 'nobody ever sees me, thank-you'.

When you invite someone to join your list, there's an unspoken exchange: you say thank you by providing value (most likely in the form of a freebie) and your new sign up says thank you by consuming the value you've provided. It's a win:win.

It's the same thing when you ask an ideal client to join your program - you say thank you by providing a valuable and transformational experience, and your new client says thank you for caring and putting in the effort to help her achieve her desires. It's a fair exchange - it's a win:win.

If you've been holding back from asking, Dream Chaser, I highly encourage you to watch Amanda's TED Talk and realize that 'the ask' is the first step in transformation - for your business, your clients, your happiness.

I've been perfecting my ask for the past 2+ years. I've asked for money, opinions, feedback, email addresses, guidance, assistance, and loyalty. Asking is how I've grown my business. The thing is, you need to be confident in what you're asking for and know that when you receive a 'no', it's because a 'yes' is on it's way.

Sometimes 'no' just means 'not yet, but ask again'.