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Instagram: How A Post Went From 'Who Cares?' To LOVE

I started up a new Instagram account for my nutrition business, The Radiant Herbivore, back in June. Everything I was posting on there was generally getting between 55-350 likes and great engagement in the comments section. I decided to switch it up one day and rather than post a new recipe, I thought it would be beneficial to post something about healthy eating while travelling.

I've learned with my business coaching audience that when it comes to travel, they are more interested in the venue - meaning, lots of beach views, hotel rooms, etc. So, I decided to experiment and see if my nutrition audience was the same. I posted the image below with the blurb: "New on the blog, I share my experience with healthy eating while travelling. Come check it out:" - I also used all the #hashtags I knew my target market would be searching under.


Normally when I post anything on Instagram, my phone lights up like crazy for the next couple hours with notifications, but this time was different - I didn't receive any. I KNEW the content I was sharing was valuable though, so I decided to edit my post by changing the image and see if that made any difference (the text remained the same). Rather than going by what my business coaching audience desired to see (lifestyle/scenery), I switched it up to show an image of a meal I actually ate during one of my travels to Portland, Oregon.

My phone instantly began lighting up with notifications. By simply changing the image of my post, I went from having a post that no one paid attention to, to one that was increasing in 'likes' and comments.

Here's the important part though (and I've said this before), it's not the amount of 'likes' on a certain image or post that will get you clients, but the engagement you get can and does help to reinforce what your audience enjoys seeing from you and provides a look into what they desire to see more of. I learned that although my nutrition audience is interested in healthy eating while travel (my newsletter opens for this particular topic was one of my highest), they're more visually interested in seeing food with travel, rather than just the travel destination.

This is an important lesson because even if you have exceptional content, especially on social media, it's the image (and if using Facebook, the headline) that is going to play a crucial role in whether your content gets viewed and read. It's important that each time you go to post something on social media, you take a moment to tap into who your ideal client is and whether this would be something they would take the time out of their day to indulge in. The more you know about your ideal client, the better able you are to keep yourself in their mind, effectively market to them, and eventually convert them from follower to paying client.

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