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How A Simple #Hashtag Led To An Amazing Opportunity

If you're in my Dream Chasers Mastermind, you already know that I attended an audition over the weekend for the chance to be the host of a new upcoming vegetarian cooking show. Today, I'm sharing the full scoop on how it happened and lessons reinforced along the way.

On Thursday night my mom and I were emailing each other - she's on my nutrition newsletter list and had replied saying I should have my own TV show. I told her that would be amazing and that I was actually looking at starting up a YouTube series. Later that night, I watched the movie Endless Love on Netflix and kind of had a mini breakdown afterwards. It was a great movie and I was so happy for the characters of the story, but it left me feeling like my life was too repetitive lately - I craved a newfound form of excitement.

So, I called out to my spirit guides and asked them for guidance - to provide me with an opportunity to rekindle that excitement in my life - something NEW and exciting. After this conversation with my mom about a possible cooking show, my request to my spirit guides and the Universe, I woke up to receive an email from the Casting Manager of a Canadian lifestyle and cooking channel saying she would love for me to consider auditioning as host for their upcoming vegetarian cooking series.


I reignited my nutrition practice, The Radiant Herbivore, in June 2016 after taking a one year break to build my business coaching practice. Because my business practice requires more of my time, I didn't really focus on marketing The Radiant Herbivore in terms of Facebook groups, freebies and Facebook ads. Really, I just stayed connected with my previous nutrition newsletter list, had a recipe featured on Mind Body Green, and made sure I used appropriate #hashtags on anything I posted on Instagram. I hadn't even started up a Facebook business page yet.

The Casting Manager ended up finding me on Instagram through my use of the #hashtag #vegetarianvancouver. Although my nutrition Instagram account currently has 79 followers (something most entrepreneurs would probably be embarrassed about or feel isn't anywhere near enough), it didn't matter. She said my images were filling up the feed for #vegetarianvancouver and that's what led her to decide "Hmm, I need to check this girl out". She followed the link to my website, contacted me through there, and here we are today where I had what I consider to be a remarkable opportunity (I find out in several weeks whether I move on to the final round of auditions).

Here are some valuable lessons reinforced that I hope provide you with motivation to keep at it, even if you don't think you're anywhere near where you desire to be:

  1. Someone is always watching. This was reinforced for me back in February of this year when I debated whether it was worth continuing Techie Thursday episodes if I only had 30 subscribers at the time. It turns out I ended up signing a new 3-month client days later who specifically found me through my YouTube channel and decided to connect. 

    Just like I thought my Instagram account for The Radiant Herbivore was kinda hurting and I should do something about it, it turns out my following size really didn't matter. You don't need hundreds and thousands of followers on social media in order gain clients or be provided with an abundance of opportunities. I bet you half the people with large followings struggle at one point or another with keeping their client base full.

    The lesson: Never give up or feel bad about your business because your social media page is lacking engagement or your following size is small - believe me, someone is always watching. When the time's right, they'll let you know. Keep being consistent.
  2. #Hashtags are important. If it wasn't for my use of #vegetarianvancouver, I never would have been presented with this opportunity. I always max out the amount of #hashtags I'm allowed to use on a post on Instagram (30 max). It's my way of becoming visible to my growing audience.

    The lesson: Know your target market and use the #hashtags that apply to them. This is an excellent way to get in front of your target market on a consistent basis for FREE. If you don't know your ideal client well enough, get out there and start surveying people who share similar qualities to someone you would absolutely love to work with. Need more help in this department? Check out my Ideal Client mini course.
  3. You don't need to be the 'best' to reap reward + opportunity. I've never been on TV before, let alone in front of an actual camcorder. Go on Instagram and there are WAY more gorgeous pictures and experienced nutritionists + foodies than me in my local area. But the Casting Manager reached out to me and a very select few others, regardless of experience. I wasn't going to let my thoughts on how experienced I was (or not) get in the way of believing my worthiness of this opportunity.

    The lesson: Being different works in your favour. Being who you are at your core works in your favour. I knew having a vegan blog would turn away an enormous amount of potential clients + readers, but I didn't care. The fact that I got so specific in my niche and the content I put out, helped to make me stand out from the crowd.
  4. Not everyone will understand and that's OK. While my mom was ecstatic and super excited about a Casting Manager contacting me, the first thing my husband said was "It's probably a scam". I wanted to hit him over the head with a frying pan. After my audition, my mom was emailing me saying she knows I'll get this - even a complete stranger told me the same thing right before I went in (really upped my confidence level - thank you, kind stranger). My husband on the other hand, he just said "We'll see" - not very comforting or supportive feeling.

    One thing I've learned about my husband is that he is very much a "I'll believe it when I see it" type person. He's also very protective of me in the sense that he doesn't want to see me get hurt. He doesn't want me to get my hopes up only to feel like a failure afterwards if things don't go as planned.

    What he doesn't understand though, is no matter the outcome of this, it's reinforced in me that having my own cooking show is absolutely a possibility and has shown me what inspired action is needed to make it a reality. No matter what the outcome, I am so grateful to have been presented with this opportunity. He and I share a very different mindset + belief, and that's OK.

    The lesson: It's OK to not always share the same beliefs as your loved ones. Never let their own insecurities or negative thoughts ever stop you from pursuing what lights your heart and brings you joy. Remember that sometimes people say certain things or react a certain way as a means of protecting you (even if it doesn't seem like it) - be grateful for them and how strong + empowered it makes you realize you are.
  5. BELIEVE that anything you desire is possible. Such a simple thing, yet one of the hardest to follow through with. As soon as you think something, it becomes a possibility. That possibility can become a reality with the right mindset and inspired action. As cheesy and overused as it sounds, you can accomplish absolutely anything you put your mind to + believe you can.

    The lesson: You are the one in control of how far you go in life and what you accomplish. If you don't believe in yourself, you'll remain blind to all the wonderful opportunities surrounding you each and every day. 

I hope these lessons have provided you with motivation to keep doing the amazing job you're doing. Being an entrepreneur is harder than most people realize - it takes one helluva strong, confident leader to keep pushing forward + growing. Dream Chaser, I am so proud of you.

I'd love to hear the most vaLUABLE lesson you've learned since becoming an entrepreneur - SHARE WITH US IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!