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Don't Fix It, Create It!

Sometimes it’s hard as human beings to dig out of that feeling of despair. For entrepreneurs especially, we tend to try too hard day after day to be damn near perfect. We continually try to FIX ourselves and our lives, potentially even coming to view ourselves as broken. 

If you're currently at or nearing this stage in your entrepreneurial journey, where the thought of your bank account, love life or health are making you want to just break down and cry, and you keep trying to fix it any way you can think of but it's just not working, I want you to stop. When you view something as needing to be fixed, it usually means it’s broken. You’re not broken. Your life is not broken. Your bank account is not broken. Your business is not broken.

Mindset is such a magical and strong force. The way we view our circumstances and the energy we put out, they help to shape the outcome of our present and future. Stop trying to fix what isn’t broken. Instead, shift your focus and your energy to CREATING what it is that you desire.

For instance, if your bank account feels depleted, focus your energy on money-making activities, such as:

  • Sending solomailers to your newsletter list with a call to action to book a discovery session or purchase a flash sale; or

  • Hosting a high-value webinar or free challenge and offering a promotion at the end; or

  • Selling items on Craigslist that you no longer have use for. That painting, jewelry, or purse that's been lounging in your closet for months now could bring in enough money to invest in a coaching session, join a business program, or indulge in a luxurious mini roadtrip with some girlfriends.

If your love life feels non-existent, focus your energy on socializing and meeting new people:

  • Pack up your laptop and take your work to a new location, maybe a new café or the beach. Better yet, take a break and plan a girls night! Bottom line, if you don't get out of your house, it's highly unlikely you'll meet anyone. Years ago I used to hermit myself in my house, only going out to grocery shop, walk my dog, and of course go to work. One day I decided to step out and do something that put me outside of my comfort zone (participate as a bachelorette for a cancer fundraising auction) and I met my now husband who 'bought' a date with me ;)

  • Add some flare to your everyday style - I don't know about you, but a little mascara and some hot pink lipstick and I feel like a queen. Dress up for success and step out into a new surrounding as a confident lady boss. Your high vibe and magnetic energy will attract like-minded individuals your way.

If your health is keeping you in a slump, focus your energy on being active and nourishing your body

  • Take an hour break from your laptop screen and go to a hot yoga class, for a walk or run, or YouTube workouts you can do from right at home. Your energy and mindset is important and that feeling after a good workout is so uplifting - trust me, your work can wait an hour; or

  • Commit to drinking a green smoothie each day as 'first breakfast' or a snack. I have a super simple smoothie for beginners HERE.

Shift your energy and focus on what you desire, not what you feel needs 'fixing'. You want the financial freedom? Create it by focusing on money-making activities, not scrolling Facebook or writing blog posts. You want hot steamy love in your life? Create it by focusing your energy on getting out of your house and socializing, not handcuffing yourself to your computer screen. You want to feel radiant in your body? Create it by focusing your energy on taking care of yourself, mind, body and spirit.

Just as we can manifest those things we desire, we can manifest those we do not. It’s simply not enough to want something - you have to make it non-negotiable and give it the focus and attention it deserves.

What are you looking to CREATE in your life and business? Share with us in the comments below how you plan to create it.