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Welcome Packets – Are They Really Necessary?

I am a firm believer that Welcome Packets are a beneficial addition to any service-based program and encourage everyone to use them. 

I use Welcome Packets in my business practice for several reasons:

  1. It’s a convenient way for your client to go back and find all the important information she needs - in one single document. For example, you can include the Terms of Service/Contract, program expectations, how to schedule sessions, what’s included in the program (including any bonus offers), the links for pre-session and post-session forms, affiliate + referral info, as well as how to best contact you.

    It’s also a convenient way for you to keep track of your client's basic information, such as email, Skype, telephone, address, etc.
  2. It empowers your client to set intentions for the program. For example, you can include several questions to help guide the client in setting goals and the desired results she wants at the end of your time working together. This also provides the opportunity for your client to start taking immediate action before your sessions even begin.
  3. It adds a touch of luxury. A well laid-out and designed Welcome Packet can help add a sense of luxury to the customer experience and help immediately raise your client’s vibrational level by getting her super motivated + excited to begin her new journey.
  4. It’s an amazing tool to track your client’s progress. Halfway through my 90 day program, I always go back and review the Welcome Packet with my client. This way she’s able to see for herself how far she’s come and how much she’s accomplished already.

    Reviewing the Welcome Packet mid-way also provides your client the opportunity to reflect on her initial goals and whether they’re still in alignment with her desired outcome. If not, you’re able to course correct together.

Are you starting to see the real benefits of including a Welcome Packet into your programs?

They’re not all that hard to create either. I create my Welcome Packet in Canva (, use PDF Escape ( to make the boxes fill-in, and then compress the document using I send my Welcome Packet in the welcome email my clients receive once they have purchased their program. If you're not very tech savvy or feel like you don't have the time to create a document like this, map out all the information and invest in a Virtual Assistant to complete it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a health coach, life coach, business coach, or other service-based entrepreneur – although not ‘necessary’, Welcome Packets are a win:win for both you and your clients.

Do you include a welcome packet with your programs? let me know in the comments below!