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The Importance Of Having A Social Media Strategy

Here's the scenario: you go on Facebook and post something on your business page. Then you hit the 'home' button and spend way too much time getting lost in your newsfeed. Sound familiar?

I've definitely been guilty of this in the past, except I would normally become distracted before even posting on my business page or in my Facebook group. I'd randomly stop and think "wait - what did I come on here to do again?"

This is why each and every time you go on social media, you should have a purpose behind it.

Below are some suggestions to help get you started in planning out or refining your social media strategy:

  1. Schedule in all social media time. That's right, ALL social media time. No more randomly picking up your phone because you don't know what else you should be doing and spending pointless time scrolling through your newsfeed. I currently schedule in social media 3 times per day in 15-30 minute slots - once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening.
  2. Always have a specific purpose for going on social media. Are you going on to create a specific post in a specific group or on a specific page? Are you going into a specific group to see where you can best support others and build relationships? Are you going in to promote an offering or start a Facebook ad? Why are you going on this specific platform and what do you plan to do? Simply putting "social media" in your calendar is not enough to keep you on track towards your goals.

    For instance, my Wednesday morning social media time this week looks like this:

    - post 'Wednesday Promos' thread in Dream Chasers Mastermind
    - answer any questions in Dream Chasers Mastermind
    - comment on any new posts in Dream Chasers Mastermind
    - post in Lady Boss Lounge Facebook group re: 'when you have a soul-sucking job'
    - provide valuable feedback on 2 posts in Lady Boss Lounge Facebook group

    That's it. That's how I will spend this 15 minute portion of my social media time. Then I will close out and move on to my next task.
  3. If you're on your computer working, close out all social media websites. Hearing or seeing social media notifications pop up is distracting and takes you away from working on the task at hand. If you have to, turn off your phone as well, or place it in another room.

    I used to write my blog posts with Facebook open in another tab. What should have taken me 20 minutes to do (write a blog post) would end up taking me closer to an hour. No one is going to die if they don't immediately receive a 'like' or reply on social media. Focus on the task at hand and put all your thought and energy into doing it as best you can.

The key is to not just place it in your calendar with a vague plan in your head - it's to take the time to strategically plan out each and every move for your week ahead. Yes, maybe at first it will seem boring when planning it all out, but your business will run so much more efficiently and you'll actually find you all of a sudden have much more time in your day to do the things that matter most to you and will grow your business to the place you desire it to be.

Let me here it - do you currently have a clearly planned out social media strategy? If yes, is there a way to improve it? If not, do you plan on creating one?