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How Much Free Info Is Too Much?

How much free info should I give to my audience?
Is this too much? Is this not enough?
I'm scared if I give away too much, no one will feel the need to work with me.

Do any of the above thoughts sound familiar? In the online world, we're shown the strength in free value that business owners provide to their audience - it's an excellent way to build relationships with your target market and position yourself as the go-to expert - it's an opportunity for your audience to gain a glimpse into what you have to offer them - it's an avenue to grow that crucial know-like-trust factor.

The big question becomes:
how much free info is too much?

After all, you don't want to give away ALL your secrets and tips, leaving nothing else for you to really provide support on, right? Well, I have some good news for you. You could give away every single tidbit of advice you have, every secret tip + resource, and your target market will still feel the need to work with you. What ends up happening is you provide the information and your audience is left to decipher it and figure out how to apply it to their own unique circumstances. They still need that 1:1 support from you, the creator and presenter of this wonderful + valuable information.

I ran a free challenge not too long ago that was an experiment. I called it the 6 Days to Client Clarity Challenge. I treated this challenge as a mini course, meaning I actually took the time to offer 1:1 support and advice to those who submitted their daily worksheets in on time. While many people signed up, only a handful of people actually participated.

When I questioned why some had signed up and not participated - after all, I was giving away an immense amount of information + value - I began to notice a pattern in the responses. It wasn't enough for them to be provided with the information in the form of audio and worksheets - they needed the 1:1 support. They needed to know that what they wrote down in those worksheets was in alignment with their goals. They had the desire to know if they were on the right track or misunderstanding something. If they missed the deadline to submit their forms, it's as if they felt they couldn't take the next step without the reassurance that the previous step was completed as best it could.

Think of it as receiving the text book and being left to teach yourself the course - you'll always attain the best results when you have someone helping you along the way to ensure you're fully understanding and benefiting from your newfound knowledge.

Still feeling nervous that you're offering up too much of the 'good stuff'? Here are some questions you may wish to consider:

  1. Is it possible to share with your audience the WHAT and not the HOW? For example, I did a call once as part of a promotion for a group program I was running. On the call, I shared what to do to start growing your list + developing an audience while you're still a nutrition student. I gave the what - which was start a blog - but I didn't provide how to start a blog, what to specifically blog about, which audience to cater to, etc. I provided the WHAT, and if they wanted to know everything about the HOW, they could invest in my program which would walk them through in detailed step-by-step actions.
  2. Is it possible to offer the WHAT and HOW, but in a bite-sized sample? In my free Facebook group, the Dream Chasers Mastermind, I give bite-sized tips each week. I've been doing this for almost a year now. By giving small tips here and there, I'm providing value, but still leaving something to the imagination. I'm giving the basic level of support to my general audience (the free info) and the amplified action steps to my clients (the paid info).
  3. Is it possible to help solve your audience's main struggle that is halting their progress in taking the next step in working with you? When I had my nutrition practice, I surveyed my audience and found although a lot of them had the desire to improve their health, they would lose motivation along the way. They'd get these amazing results in the beginning, and then they would hit a plateau. Their vibration would be so low at this point that they'd just give up. So, I created a 3-part audio series on how to beat the motivational blues when it comes to healthy eating and exercise.

    My purpose behind this was to get them motivated and raise their vibration so that they would realize how amazing it felt to have that support system in place. Perhaps after listening to 3 audios of me sharing this great value with them, they would be motivated enough and inclined to book a discovery session. I helped solve their motivational blocks so that they could clearly see that the next step was taking serious action towards their health and investing in the right support.

Remember, your experiences + support are worth way more value than you could ever imagine. It's your expertise + guidance which will help transform lives. The information is simply information without you there to help decipher it and put it into the best form of action.

What are your thoughts? Do you feel more confident now in the amount of information you're providing to your audience? Let me know in the comments below!