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Say My Name, Say My Name

One of the exciting perks of starting a business of your own is naming it! Your name is a BIG DEAL - after all, it'll be plastered everywhere so people can easily remember and find you.

The big question becomes: Do you give your business a corporate name, or use your own name?

My suggestion for a coaching business is to use your own name (i.e. your first and last name). When I started my nutrition practice, I was completely new to the business world and thought a business is supposed to have a 'business' name. I thought doing so would be the only way people would take me seriously as a business owner. I honestly just wanted to name it something catchy and didn't really have my target market in mind. I named it, It's Raining Kale.

When I made the transition to business coach, I knew it was important to keep my target market in mind, which were health coaches at the time. And so became Holistic Health, Rockin' Wealth. Although my domain name was super long, I loved the name because it encompassed everything my ideal client was passionate about.

The thing is though, when you are brand new to something and still developing rapidly as a human being and discovering so much more about yourself + your desires/goals each day, your business changes too. That's why I knew it was time to move on to using my own name and switching my domain to

This way, as I continue to grow, as my ideal client continues to evolve, as my passions become more and more prominent, I'll always have a name that suits me and my business perfectly. 

Not sure which option is best for you? Here are the questions I would recommend asking yourself first:

  1. Are you brand new to the business world? If yes, odds are you're going to develop as a business owner and human being at a rapid pace with all the new information and experiences you'll encounter. Because of this, I would recommend starting out with your first and last name as your business name.
  2. Are you super confident in your ideal client + know within your bones that this is exactly what you're meant to be doing? If not, it may be wise to stick with your own name for now until you become a whole lot more clear on which direction you want your business continue on.
  3. Are you a solopreneur? (meaning it's just you running your business). If yes, it may make more sense to have your first and last name as your business name. If you have employees or a business partner, you may wish to position yourself as more of a corporation.
  4. What resonates best with your target market? Think about your ideal client and target market - will they be turned off by a name that sounds like a corporation? Will it leave a disconnection with them and make you feel as though you must work extra hard to gain their trust? Or, do they take a corporate personality more seriously?
  5. If you decide against using your own name, I recommend tapping into what your branding message is. What is it you want your business to be known for? What emotions do you want your business to evoke in your target market? How do you wish to be remembered? What words resonate most with your audience? Write them all down on a piece of paper or sticky notes and see if you can spot a pattern or theme. Rearrange the words, write down a whole list of potential names, and pick one.

At the end of the day, it comes down to listening to your intuition and making a decision that lights you up the most. Buuuuuuuut, it never hurts to grab your first and last name as a domain before someone else snatches it up, especially if your name is somewhat common. This way you have more options up front moving forward.

I'd love to know, what are your thoughts? Did you name your business after yourself? Why or why not? Go ahead + leave me a comment below!