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Speak As Though A 10 Year Old Is Listening

In working closely with entrepreneurs the past 10 months, I've come to notice a pattern when it comes to communicating our message. It's like the majority of us think we need a flashy title to stand out, or a super unique business description to make us appear as a rare find - so, we give it to ourselves. We go over the top with our website copy and create sales pages that are full of big words and crafty sales pitches. But in doing this, our message becomes lost because, quite frankly, no one else can really understand or relate to it. That's why I advise my clients to speak as though a 10 year old is listening.

Uh, my ideal client's not a 10 year old though...

The reason I suggest a 10 year old is because although they still have a whole lot to learn, they can understand simple terms - the key word being 'simple'. Is your message clear enough that a 10 year old would understand who you help and how you do it? If not, it's quite possible your target market won't either, especially if they're completely new to the game.

Our clients come to us because they need support and guidance in a specific area. If they already knew how to tap into the answers, they wouldn't need you. In a way, our clients are like a 10 year old because they understand the simple terms of what they need, but still have a whole lot to learn.

My suggestion to you is to really take a look at what you're putting out there and how confident you are your target market 'gets it'.

  1. Speak in simple terms. Your clients are not your peers and may not understand certain words or phrases you've become so accustomed to using. For example, someone completely new to living a healthy lifestyle might be like "leaky gut whaaat?". Just like someone new to business may have zero clue what SEO, CPM and CPC mean. Speak to your audience where they're currently at, not where they desire to be, otherwise you risk creating a disconnection.
  2. Ask your audience. If you're not sure whether your copy or title is clear and makes sense, ask your audience. And I don't mean go into a general Facebook group for entrepreneurs and ask a bunch of random people who don't make up your target market. I mean find your ideal clients and ask them straight up. Calling yourself something like a "Divine Soulful Strategist + Healer who helps others manifest their divine purpose so they can soulfully live their life" may make sense to you, but may also leave people confused + wondering what the hell you do. Keep it simple.
  3. Direct your audience. Each page on your website should be laid out in a way that directs people exactly where you want them to go.

    For example, if you take a look at my homepage you'll see that it begins with an eye-catching subscription box because the very first thing I want my audience to do is to sign up for my free training (which will land them on my newsletter list). Then I have a short video introducing myself and again inviting the viewer to sign up for my free training. Right below the video, I have a button to my About Me page and then my programs below. If someone clicks on my About Me page, they have the further option of viewing my programs.

    I have all my website pages laid out in the exact direction I desire my audience to take. I have it specifically laid out so that even a 10 year old should be able to make sense of it and what the next steps are.

Remember, it's not the fancy title or big words that make you stand out, it's YOU. It's your brand, what you're known for, your stories and experiences. It's your own personal method of teaching + helping others. All that fluff does is hide your shining talents from those who need them most.

I've love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you agree, or disagree? Leave me a comment below!