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How to Interpret Survey Responses

Yesterday I sent out a short survey to my audience via newsletter, the Dream Chasers Mastermind, and my Facebook business page. It's been about 6 months since I last did a survey, so it was definitely time to do so. Any time you have a significant increase in your following or list growth, or are looking to revamp your offerings, it's always wise to do a quick check-in with your audience.

Creating your survey is easy enough, it's interpreting the results that can sometimes spin one's mind. I'll share a simple secret with you. The way I interpret my results, is I find the ONE SINGLE ANSWER that lights me up. 

one. single. answer.

What I've seen happen a lot is quite the opposite of how I run my business. Many entrepreneurs will survey their audience, see what the majority want, and then change the way they run their business so that it aligns with the wants of the majority of their audience. What I'm actually doing, is seeking the response of my IDEAL CLIENT.

I look for the values I expect and admire in my ideal client. I look for the response that blows my mind and makes me feel so excited at the possibility of working with this individual. I look for the response that is closest to my wants in a client. The next steps are simple. Create exactly what that one individual desires and sell it.

Think it's a bad idea? I've already proven it works. 

The last time I surveyed my audience was right before I launched my first group program. I chose the ONE SINGLE RESPONSE that created the most smile creases on my face. I designed the program and sold it. In doing so, I attracted several women who shared the same qualities and desires as the woman I designed the program after. I made myself some awesome cash and had a blast the entire course of the program.

When it comes to surveying your audience, I want you to remember that not everyone who answers will be your ideal client. Not everyone who answers is meant to work with you and you with them. You need to look at the core values that YOU look for in a client. This is your business and you run it as feels best and most purposeful to you. In staying true to what lights you up, you will in turn attract those clients who meet your needs as an entrepreneur. This I believe.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree, or disagree? How do you interpret your survey responses?