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Ask Better Questions - Get Better Answers

I don't keep it a secret that I continue to invest in growing as an entrepreneur and am currently working on becoming certified as a Divine Living Transformational Coach. This month, I've really taken to heart what I've learned from my own coach and wow - it's too good not to share the love!

I've come to realize that it's normally the simple you-would-think-is-common-sense things that trigger my greatest AH-HA moments - knowledge that we sometimes take for granted and don't put into action often enough.

This month, I owe all the wonderful transformations that have been happening in my life and business to this one simple tip: you get a better answer when you ask a better question.

If you have a non-negotiable desire in your life, don't sit on the thought of that desire and ask why it's not happening. Ask yourself what it will take to make it happen now. What do you need to do and who do you need to become to make it happen? Do you need to re-evaluate your ideal client? Do you need to revamp your programs? Do you need to outsource certain tasks in order to fully focus on the money-making actions in your business? What incentives do you need to provide to make your potential client's "yes" happen today?

Be specific with your questions and you'll get a specific answer in return. How do you know which answer is correct? The one that gives you butterflies. The one that immediately feels right, but might be a bit of a stretch. The one that you choose based on your gut instinct and intuition, rather than your fear.

By asking better questions this month, I far exceeded my financial goal. I didn't do anything different except ask better questions and trust my gut instinct in making the decisions. I'll be heading out to LA in March to meet with my mastermind group and it feels so good to be able to sit back and not worry financially.

What better questions can you start asking yourself today?