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Your Brand's Impact On Your Sales

What most beginner entrepreneurs (and even some advanced ones) don’t realize is that the power of your brand far extends past colours, logos, fonts, images, etc.

They brush off branding as something that’s not important, something that doesn’t bring in the clients. When in reality, your branding plays a large role in getting a potential client to sign up for your services.

That’s because your brand is essentially your reputation. It's the way you make your customers feel and the know-like-trust factor you've formed with them. Your branding is something that can make or break you.

If you don't shape your brand, other people will shape it for you in their minds, based on what they see, know and feel about you. And once the customer thinks it, it becomes a fact for that person - whether it's true or not.

I want you to ask yourself something:

What difference could the power of my brand have on my business and sales?

When you think of your current branding, how confident are you in:

•    attracting your ideal client?

•    your brand message and what your business stands for?

•    your unique value?

How much attention have you paid to the customer service experience from first hearing of you to booking with you?

What makes your brand memorable in the eyes of others so much so that they immediately think to recommend you to a friend or colleague?

What’s so special about your brand that people believe in you and your work?

Why will someone come to YOU versus someone else in the marketplace who offers the exact same thing?

These are all important questions you need to ask yourself.

These are questions I’ve had to ask myself numerous times throughout my own entrepreneurial journey and evolve my brand to ensure I keep reaching new heights in my business.

My brand is now at a place where I’m receiving new client referrals from past clients, past clients are reinvesting in my services, and my name has been tossed around to numerous entrepreneurs to be a guest expert for their clients/services. This is where you want your branding to be, dream chaser – where you become known as an established leader in your industry.

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