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Re-Brand 101: What To Do With An Existing Audience

A re-brand of your business is always exciting – it’s you showing more of YOURSELF to the world and a business that is in even greater alignment with your journey and mission in life. While the new offerings and design of your re-brand are super fun, there’s also the serious matter of what happens to your existing audience.
If you're just looking to slightly tweak your brand, as in you’re still looking to attract the same type of clientele you were before, just with a bit more spunk, then it’s likely your re-brand will be met positively by your existing audience and there’s no need to deep dive into explanation. BUT, if you’re doing a major reno of your brand and business, I personally don’t think it’s ethical to just leave your existing peeps hanging.
I have always prided myself on how open, honest and transparent I am with my audience. I had my nutrition business for a year before I took a yearlong break and then re-branded. I’ve also gone from business coaching holistic health coaches and nutritionists exclusively, to an array of coaches from various industries.
What I’ve learned along the way is that:

  1. Honesty is always appreciated.
  2. The RIGHT people from your existing tribe always stick around.
  3. No benefit comes from trying to nurture an audience who no longer is in alignment with your goals + vision.

So, how do you communicate this shift to your audience? I’ll share with you some examples below of how I’ve gone about doing so with my own businesses.


When I decided to take a yearlong break from my then nutrition practice, It’s Raining Kale, I didn’t send an email to my list, but I did let the ladies in my private Facebook group know. I wrote a post saying the following:

I then kept the Facebook group open because it only had 50 or so people in it at the time and I went in occasionally if someone had gone ahead and asked the other ladies for advice or wanted to share something with the group.
When I decided to make a return under the new name and flavor of The Radiant Herbivore, I sent the following email to my list:

I remember after sending my first Radiant Herbivore newsletter, I thought at least half of the people on my existing list from a year ago were going to unsubscribe. I was quite shocked and super grateful to see that not only did they open my newsletter, but not a single person dropped out or emailed me back asking “who are you?!”.

This of course isn’t a perfect example of how to go about a re-brand or taking time away from an existing audience, but that’s the great lesson here – it doesn’t have to be perfect! Be honest with your audience about the change, and move on.


When I started my business coaching venture, I catered exclusively to holistic practitioners because that’s what I was most familiar with. I ultimately decided to broaden my niche to women coaches of various industries. When I did this, no longer were images of me + kale and smoothie mustaches going to appeal to my new audience – a re-brand was necessary.

This time round I simply spoke from the heart to my tribe and let them decide whether they wanted to continue with me or move on.

It's kinda funny because the majority of my clients remained health coaches despite my change in direction. That know-like-trust factor I had established with my existing audience had evolved with my re-brand.

Plain and simple, be open, honest and transparent with your existing audience. You can't please everyone, so be excited for this new chapter of your journey and go for it full throttle with no regrets!