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When You Have a Soul-Sucking Job

Are you someone who views your job as something that sucks the life out of you? Something that holds you back from working on your business and being able to take on clients?

When you’re filled with an enormous amount of passion + drive and are stuck working for someone who doesn’t appreciate your work or values all you do, it’s tough. When you'd much rather be working on building relationships, growing your following, coaching clients, – it’s tough. It’s tough on the heart, on the soul, on the mind.

Dear dream chaser, stop looking at yourself as being STUCK in your job. Stop viewing your job as SOUL-SUCKING or UNBEARABLE. Because you know what? If you keep at it, with that negative thinking, it will remain your reality.

What can you do instead in order to attract abundance into your life so you can quit the 9-5 grind? 

  1. Be grateful that you have a job. Be grateful that this job allows you to invest in growing your business. Be grateful that this job helps replenish your bank account. Be grateful for this job of yours and know that it is only temporary – a way to help get you from point A to point B.
  2. Jazz up your office space. If day after day you’re staring at a beige cubicle wall, you’re more likely to drain your high-vibe self. Keep a plant or flowers at your desk. Buy yourself a colourful and inspiring calendar. Put up a picture or 2 of your family or pet. Keep your workspace high-vibe!
  3. Dress for success. Even if there’s no dress code at work, look the part. Dress like the woman entrepreneur you strive to be. Let your stylish side shine. Even if it’s just a splash of hot pink lipstick or funky earrings, if it makes you feel successful and happy, do it.
  4. Set reminders/alerts on your phone with your favourite inspirational quotes or mantras. Having these reminders throughout the day will help assure you that you are on the right path and wonderfully amazing things are coming your way.
  5. Snack healthy. A healthy and sharp mind is crucial to a successful business. Make sure you’re packing healthy snacks with you to work. Some of my favourite on-the-go snacks include roasted chickpeas, fresh fruit, raw veggie sticks with hummus, homemade trail-mix, or a green smoothie. 

Most importantly, be consistent with your mindset work. What do you truly desire and what doubts/fears are standing in your way? Meditate, journal, read inspiring books – continue to work on flipping the switch on those negative thoughts.

If it’s true that our thoughts become our reality, you’re wise to keep your thoughts positive and your desires with you always.

I'd love to know, what are you doing to keep your vibe high at your job? Leave me a comment below!