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How to Handle Your First Hater

It should be extremely clear to you that not everyone is going to resonate with your business or share the same beliefs as you - that's a given. But, what happens when you come across that someone for the very first time...and of all places, on social media where hundreds of thousands of people are watching?

It was almost a year ago that I experienced my first (and only, so far) 'hater'. This lady was not part of my Facebook page or on my list. She happened to see my post because I used Facebook ads to promote my free nutrition challenge at the time. She started off polite and felt the need to simply voice her opinion on the 'Kale' element of my business name (It's Raining Kale). I was very polite to her and offered some brief advice in terms of her experience with kale and she seemed pleased with my response (see image below). I was pretty sure that settled things.

I was wrong.

I had created another ad campaign to promote the same challenge. When I got a  notification that she commented on another of my posts, I braced myself. This time, her comment wasn't as polite. I wish I still had the screen shot of it, but after searching through my old Facebook ads, I can't access the previous comments since the post itself was never on my Facebook page. But I remember it so clearly...because I was nervous with her response this time.

Kale almost killed me!!!!

The major component I was basing my nutrition practice on (kale), was the very thing this lady was continually shooting down. I wanted to delete that comment so bad and tell her to *eff off*. I obviously didn't though. I was very polite with her still and although I don't remember my exact words, my reply was something along the lines of "Hey Sandra. Thanks for voicing your concern. We've had this discussion not too long along though, and you felt content with the advice I provided to you. If you have concerns regarding kale, or your nutrition in general, please feel free to email me at and I'll do my best to get you on the right track." She didn't respond and I didn't hear from her again (thankfully!).

I was lucky in the sense that my first 'hater' wasn't malicious - I honestly think she was just misinformed and concerned others would have the same experience she had with her health. Of course, there are some people who purposely post mean things on social media just to get attention or cause a scene. To those people, I would suggest not even wasting your time responding to them and just delete their comment or block them altogether.

If the person is simply misinformed or just feels the need to voice their opinion on the topic, don't take it personally. I always say it's best to respond when you can because it not only boosts your own confidence in yourself + business, it also builds up that know-like-trust factor with your ideal clients who are able to see your response. Those qualities that they look for in a coach have an opportunity to shine through in your response. Be calm, act professionally (or sassy/humorous, if that's what you're known for), and move on. No need to over complicate things or overwhelm yourself with negative thoughts simply because someone who is not your ideal client doesn't agree with what you stand for or share the same values + beliefs. Your tribe is all that really matters.

-V, xox

Have you experienced your first 'hater'?
Feel free to share how you handled it below!