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Authenticity in Your Photos

When I did my very first photo shoot for my nutrition business, my thought process was this is a business and in order for people to take me seriously, I have to look ‘professional’. I had my friend come over to shoot my pictures and although she did a great job, I wasn’t diggin’ them. Each time I would look at them, along with my website copy, I wouldn’t see my true self. I didn’t find them to be genuine and I knew I was just doing what I thought I should do to be taken seriously as a business owner. So, I said screw it and did re-takes.

I don’t want my website to be ‘professional’ like I have a stick up my butt and am all corporate – that’s not me.

I’m a free spirit, someone who loves colour, luxury and fun! I wanted that to reflect in my images, and ultimately my branding. Ever since then, I’ve done photo shoots based on my gut instinct and in-the-moment emotions.

Looking at your website, how are your images reflecting your branding?

Do they speak true to your brand and the feelings/emotions you want to evoke within your audience?

Is that really you – the honest you – in that image?

If not, toss ‘em!

If you want to establish a genuine know-like-trust factor with your tribe, then be YOU. Be the amazingly talented and gorgeous woman entrepreneur you are who doesn’t need to be anyone other than her true self. Your audience will notice and your ideal clients will definitely notice the improvement. Authenticity will always trump professionalism. You can be professional and still wear jeans. You can be professional and still have your kids in your pictures. You can be professional and still say FUCK every once in a while. You can even be professional as you're rockin' a hot pink smoothie mustache!

And if you’re a posh woman who oozes with divine corporate appeal, then be that woman. If that’s your authentic self and your ideal clients are the same (or want the same), then strut your high heels + suits and own it! Don’t go out and rent suits or purchase high-end clothing only to return them immediately after the photo shoot just to portray an image of the woman you think you have to be to get clients (yes, some people actually do this). Don’t be the woman who’s awkwardly sitting beside a flower bush with a Starbuck’s coffee and smile that screams ‘THIS ISN’T ME!’.

Let the camera capture YOU.

Agree, or disagree?