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Outsource Your Tasks!

I will always have a business coach. Life + business are much more enjoyable and less complicated when you have the proper support and guidance, no matter how far or successful you are in your biz. My new coach is very much of the ‘queen’ mentality. Not the snobby kind who thinks her shit don’t stink - the kind who is smart with her time and her energy. The queen who outsources certain tasks that others are quite capable of doing so that she may focus on the tasks that better utilize her talents.

For me, outsourcing general tasks has been a life-saver! I regularly have a babysitter come in to watch the kids so I can actually schedule time to meet with clients instead of booking them in during the kids’ naps (which 3 days ago they decided naps were a thing of the past!). I’ve been ordering my groceries online and having them delivered to my house. And I’ve even gone so far as to have a shipment of clothes hand-picked by a personal stylist delivered to me on a monthly basis so I always have something new to wear.

I’ve all of a sudden added numerous hours into my day that would have otherwise been spent on errands, errands, and more errands.

With these added hours, I’ve found the time to meditate, read, add more value to my offerings, take on more clients, increase my profits, exercise, and simply just chill out and be a mom!

There were days where my 2 year old daughter would come to me while I was on the computer and look at me with the sweetest face, take my hand, and attempt to lead me to come sit with her or play in the toy room. And I’d have to let go of her hand and tell her “later” because there was only so much I could fit into the day doing it all alone. Of course she would become sad and it would break my heart to continue doing that to her day after day after day.

When you step into the woman and the entrepreneur you want to be - the woman who’s already making the $5k, $10k, $20k a month – you’ll begin to think like her, act like her, live like her. In doing so, you’re showing The Universe that you’re unstoppable and ready to accept so much more abundance into your life. You’ll be happier, you’ll feel free, and you’ll be accomplishing your most purposeful goals. Don’t worry about the money. For every dollar you spend, envision it making its way back into your life.

If you spend too much time cleaning the house, call in a house cleaner. If you spend too much time in the kitchen (and don’t enjoy it), call in a personal chef every so often or subscribe to a food delivery service. Send out your laundry if it’s a drag for you. Hire someone to design your website rather than spending weeks trying to figure it out yourself. Outsource the tasks that are not your strong suit, so that you can focus your time and energy on the real game-changers: mindset, building relationships, attracting clients, coaching, self-care, parenting, love, etc.

What’s one task that you can start outsourcing today? Share it in the comments below!