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How To Effectively Price Your Services

It’s quite common for us holistic practitioners to struggle when creating a price point for our services.

Am I charging too much?
Am I not charging enough?

You may even end up stalking your competition and offer $5 below their price point to try and win over their clients (FYI – bad idea). When I first started out I looked at the industry standard for holistic nutritionists, which was between $85-$125 for an initial consultation. Guess what I offered my services for...$80.

The very first client I ever had told me $80 was too expensive and asked if she could get a deal. I wanted that first client so bad that I offered her $60 and allowed her to pay in 2 installments. For $60, this woman walked away with the knowledge and tools she needed to transform her health, got all her questions answered, and was provided with a custom 7-day meal plan and handouts. It probably took me about 3 hours behind the scenes crafting and customizing this package for her.

Afterwards I had to stop and think – was all that value I gave to her really worth $60?


What I gave her would (and actually did) help transform her life – improve her quality of life, decrease her symptoms, help mend her relationships, and allow her to love herself once again. I’d say she got one helluva deal. I immediately increased my price point to reflect the value I was providing.


One of the worst things you can do is sell yourself short. You put a lot of passion and value into everything you do, your price point should reflect that.

Forget industry standards, stand out by giving an immense amount of value to your clients. Create packages that literally transform lives and charge their true value. I learned quickly to stop with the single sessions and go big. Create long-term programs that would offer long-term, life changing results. And the testimonials I got, proved just that.

Make competition irrelevant and yourself unforgettable. Know your ideal client, find the solution to her problem, and knock her socks off with value. She’ll be so blown away that the price point no longer matters. Learn and accept that turning clients away is sometimes necessary, and 100% ok when they’re not really your ideal client to begin with. Be confident in yourself and the life-changing work you do!

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